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Demond D2

The best freestyle scooter on the market

The Demon D2 is a scooter designed for the rider who looks for safety and robustness, a scooter of initiation but with spirit PRO.

Booster B12

The fastest of the skate park

New model of a classic of the Bestial Wolf brand, the Booster B12, the most colorful scooter.

Rocky R10

The hardest dude

The Rocky is Bestial Wolf's oldest scooter. This new version includes extensive improvements that makes it an ideal scooter for PRO riders.

Killer K4

The most PRO scooter in the herd

Its measures and the quality of its materials makes of this scooter the most PRO scooter of the brand, the best option for the most experienced riders who look for the maximum reliability and resistance.

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